The SS445 is designed specifically for large screen displays from home projection up to theater size for all projection technologies such as DLP, LCD, LCOS, Cinema, and Rear Screen projectors, simulators, etc.

The SS445 uses a computer controlled pan&tilt positioning system to move to the desired test point. The SS445 can be configured with a 5.1Mp CMOS camera with autofocus which provides measurement of MTF, brightness, uniformity, gamma, etc. It can also be configured with a spectrometer for color and luminance measurements.

Typically the SS445 is placed on a tripod or on a table in front of the projection screen. In this configuration, the SS445 makes its measurements from the observer’s point of view to better represent the user experience.

CMOS Camera

  • MTF
  • Line Width
  • Geometry
  • Convergence
  • Brightness Uniformity
  • Jitter, Swim, Drift
  • Gamma/Gray Scale


  • Luminance
  • Chromaticity and Color Temperature
  • Luminance and Color Uniformity
  • Spectral Plots
  • Gamma
  • Contrast Ratio
  • Color gamut