The Response Time Module (RTM) provides temporal measurements for all types of displays including Plasma, LCD and OLED. The primary measurements include Rise Time (Ton), Fall times (Toff), Overshoot, Motion Blur, Grey level response and flicker. The software includes various proprietary filters required to work with the wide variety of display technologies available today.

The RTM can be mounted on a stand for simple single point measurements or it can be mounted on a positioner for automatic measurements at various locations on the display under test.


  • Automatic Measurment of Rise and Fall Time
  • Automatic Gray to Gray transition Measurement
  • Automatic ISO Dominant Flicker Component
  • Data Capture and Playback
  • Proprietary Filtering Techniques for Increased Accuracy
  • Large Dynamic Range – No ND Filters Required
  • 3-D Plots and Reports of Gray to Gray Response over All Levels
  • Multiple Rise/Fall Time Profiles Overlaid for Comparison


  • Luminance Range: 0.01 to 50K cd/m^2
  • Transition Times: 0.10ms standard, 0.010ms optional to 4 sec
  • Detector Response: 20KHz standard, 100khz optional
  • Sample Rate: 100Khz standard, 1Mhz optional
  • Resolution: 16-Bit
  • Repeatability: 3%
  • Lens: 25mm “C” Mount, f1.6to f22
  • Interface: USB2.0

Displays of Rise and Fall Times using Playback Feature

Rise Time:

Rise Time with Overshoot:

Fall Time: