SS410 Measurement Module

SS420 Goniometer Module

SS430 Display Measurement System

SS445 Display Measurement System

SS410-XE Display Measurement System

With the flexibility of up to three measurement sensors (CMOS camera, spectrometer and Response Time sensor) the SS410 will fulfill all of your testing requirements with the exception of viewing angle.

SS420 Display Measurement System

Takes accurate measurements of luminance, chromaticity, viewing angle, etc. using an integrated temperature controlled spectrometer, eliminating color filters and problems associated with filter matching.

SS430 Display Measurement System

The SS430 Display Measurement System provides automated standards testing for most types of displays.  The measurement modules are easily mounted to the positioner using quick release button mounts.


Designed specifically for testing large area displays from home projection up to theater size for all projection technologies such as DLP, LCD, LCOS, Cinema, and Rear Screen projectors, simulators, etc.

RTM-3 Response Time Module

Positioners and Tables


Application Notes

Response Time Measurement RTM-SA

Simple and easy to use automatic Response Time Measurements for all display technologies.

Positioning Systems (SS30, SS50, SS60, SS70, SS90, TM-1, ZM-1)

Display positioning platforms and five axis mechanical positioning systems.

Test Screens

Microvision has developed a number of test routines which completely implement a variety of test specifications.

Softare data

Compressed text files, software packages, and documentation for our display measurement systems.