Positioning Systems (SS30, SS50, SS60, SS70, SS90, TM-1, ZM-1)

SpotSeeker Positioners

Positioners (SS30, SS50, SS60, SS70, SS90 & SS110)

Microvision’s Positioners are three axis mechanical positioning systems designed specifically for the Microvision SS400 Display Measurement Systems. They are offered in a range of sizes to cover small displays up to 112 inch diagonal displays.

They feature a robust design that has been perfected over 30 years to provide a trouble-free, accurate and economical package. Microvision’s measurement modules can be quickly and easily exchanged using simple button mounts. You can even add an optional Instrument Platform to hold instruments from other manufacturers.

The positioners are designed for quite, smooth and fast operation. The internal bearings are pre-lubricated and the linear bearings and precision rails require no lubrication for maintenance free operation. The power supply and the drive and interface electronics are packaged into the base of the stage resulting in a clean, uncluttered work area with only the power cord and interface cables visible.

The MV software provides both automatic and manual position control. Complete test sequences are enabled when using the positioner to provide auto focus, orientation and position,horizontal and vertical translation. The software also provides simple functions such as Home, Goto, Zero, Seek to Pixel, and Auto Focus.

In the standard vertical position, the positioners provide a small space requirement. An optional conversion package allows the positioners to be mounted horizontally for measurements on displays in the horizontal position.

Electrical Specifications

Power: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
60 Watts avg.
Power: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


Inclination:0-85 degrees
Azimuth:0-360 degrees

Mechanical Specifications

Resolution:25.4µm / 50.8µm **
Speed:45mm/sec / 90mm/sec **
Accuracy:± 0.05mm / 0.10mm **

Travel Limits

X axis600mm1060mm1360mm1660mm2066mm2473mm
Y axis450mm910mm910mm1113mm1265mm1394mm
Z axis84mm84mm84mm84mm84mm84mm

Overall Dimensions


** SS60/SS70/SS90/SS110 Stepping Resolution is larger in Horizontal Axis and Speed is Faster.

Display Stands and Tables

For accurate measurements, the test display (DUT) should be positioned normal and at a certain working distance in front of the test system. Microvision offers the following positioning solutions to provide an easy way to locate and align the DUT to the test system.

DPS-1 Display Positioning Stand

The DPS-1 provides easy and accurate alignment and z-axis positioning for small to medium sized displays.  The stand includes a VESA mounting plate with mounting configurations for VESA parts B, C, D, & E.  The largest mounting pattern is 200mm x 200mm.

The stand also includes adjustable arms for mounting non-VESA displays.

The stand has knobs to adjust the pitch and yaw angle of the display to better than 0.1° accuracy.  It also provides a wheel adjustment for the Z-axis to accurately set the working distance.

The stand uses that same linear bearing design as our positioners which have proven to be
accurate and reliable with no maintenance or lubrication required.


Load Capacity (kg): 25
Z-Axis Travel (mm): 410
Pitch & Yaw Angle Range (°): +/-5
Dimensions (mm): 650 x 203 x 770
Weight (kg): 18.2

ZM-1 Display Positioning Platform

The ZM-1 table allows the user to easily move the display under test relative to the measurement system. With the optional absolute digital metering system (ZM-1-Dig), the UUT can be accurately positioned at a fixed distance away from the testing apparatus in either metric or English units. The ZM-1 table can be used with the TM-1 table to provide three axis adjustment, which is very useful when making measurements of flat panels where the alignment is critical for tests such as the ISO 13406-2 & ISO9241-3xx.


  • Weight: 23 kg
  • Load Capacity: 50 kg


  • Overall Dimensions: 610mm W x 510mm L x 130mm H
  • Travel Length: 250 mm

TM-1 Display Positioning Platform

The TM-1 Display Positioning Table is designed to provide easy alignment (pitch and yaw axis) of the display under test relative to the test system. The TM-1 table can be used with the ZM-1 table to provide three axis adjustment, which is very useful when making measurements of flat panels where the alignment is critical for tests such as the ISO 13406-2 & ISO9241-3xx.



  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Load Capacity: 50 kg


  • Top Plate: 490mm W x 490mm L
  • Overall Height: 180 mm

Position Range:

  • Rotation: 35 degrees
  • Tilt: 9 degrees