Microvision Options

Microvision has developed a number of test routines which completely implement a variety of test specifications. These routines are designed to incorporate either the SS410 or the SS420 systems. In a typical routine, the Microvision system is positioned in front of the display, the display is controlled by the pattern generator integrated into the system, the test is initiated by a click of the mouse and the test begins. These complete tests are performed without operator intervention until fully completed. The test report is then output into a spreadsheet, ready for distribution. The following test specifications are now available. Others will be offered as completed.

  • TCO Displays 5.2, 6.0 & 7.0 and Notebooks 3.0, 4.0 & 5.0
  • ISO-1 (9241   parts 3 & 8 and TCO95 Displays [CRT Report 1] )
  • ISO-2 (13406  part 2. Partial Automation only)
  • ISO-3 (9241-303,5,7)
  • VESA FPDM 2.0 “Basic Suite of Measurements”
  • Suite Setup – Build custom test suites using standard functions.

Microvision strives to make the testing of displays simple and convenient. To this end, we offer various versions of the MV Remote program which allows the test software to generate patterns on the display under test.  One configuration allows the PC’s video card to drive the test display via a standard interface including DVI, HDMI or Display Port.  We also offer an MV Remote Android App that allows you to test nay Android device by transmitting test pattern instruction via Wi-fi.  And we also provide a Windows version of MV Remote that can be run on a laptop for testing laptop displays.

Microvision also offers software compatible with popular external pattern generators such as Astro and Quantum.

Analog type generators:

Microvision offers a number of fully programmable pattern generators for driving display monitors, including NTSC and HDTV capability.

  • Video dot clock to 150MHz. Internal to the computer
  • Video dot clock to 250MHz. Internal to the computer
  • Video dot clock to 360MHz both internal and external versions
  • Video dot clock to 450 MHz external

Microvision offers a digital Video Signal Generator for Flat Panel applications. Features include:Digital drivers for flat panels (external unit):

  • Digital Video Output – DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort(other configurations available
  • 330 MHz digital video rate
  • Design custom images or choose from over 150 built in images/formats
  • Pattern generator specific support software for image and format generation
  • Full featured 360Mhz. Analog pattern generator

Hardware and software for ISO-9241 Reflectance Tests

  • 150Watt Adjustable Fiber Optic Light Source
  • Diffuse Dual LED Light Source with 15, 30 & 45 Deg
  • Small Specular LED Light Source
  • Calibrated 99.9% Reflectance Standard
  • Reflectance Standard Mounting Arm
  • Large Area Surround Light Source
  • Focus Lens Adapter

TCO-8 provides the ability to perform all the Visual Ergonomics Measurements except Gloss for the TCO Displays 5.2, 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 and TCO Notebooks 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 testing standards.

The standard warranty for Microvision’s SS400 series display measurement systems is a two year, full warranty covering parts and labor at the factory, and free software upgrades for the duration of the warranty.  An extended warranty is available which continues the warranty coverage for two additional years beyond the standard warranty period.  The extended warranty option also includes free software upgrades for the life of the product.  The extended warranty option is available for a % of the total purchase price of any SS400 series Display Measurement System. Contact Microvision for % rate.