Dedicated to the Needs of the Display Industry

Microvision has been a leader in display test & measurement instrument solutions for over 30 years. Designers, OEM integrators, Standards Testing (ISO,TCO,VESA), and Production Quality Control will all benefit from the speed, accuracy and ease of use of our display test & measurement systems.

Microvision’s display test & measurement systems are unique, incorporating up to three optical sensors in one integrated package to perform all types of tests including luminance, contrast ratio, color gamut, response time, etc. Our systems have a unique design where we move the measurement sensors while keeping the display stationary. This lowers the cost and complexity of the system and greatly reduces the required lab space. We also keep the measurement optics close to the display which dramatically reduces measurement errors such as veiling glare.

Our display test & measurement systems incorporate a high level of automation to reduce labor costs and improve functionality.  This results in easy to use test systems that provide the best value and the most comprehensive display testing in the industry with automatic testing of standards including: TCO Notebooks 3, 4,&5, TCO Displays 5.2, 6.0, 7.0 & 8.0, ISO 9241-303, ISO 9241 parts 3&8, VESA 2.0, ISO 13406-2.  We continually update our software and hardware to keep up with the latest test standards and new innovations in the display industry.